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« READ PLEASE» HELLO EVERYONE! I came back! 🙂 Sorry for being so long out of youtube, I’m busy channel of my riding club, AGTucuman! «Please come and subscribe» Well, after much training and a long vacation, I’m back. So much has happened it is almost impossible to summarize. »Anselmo, there is little pony. I did not jump for 3 months and that was not enough to forget how. Yesterday (3/25/2011) I started back training with your jump, you did really well! Yesterday we got to jump 80 cm. Today when I woke up first thing I did was BREAKFAST. jajajajjajaj what else you expect? well after bathing and making my bed, I went to ride for a while outside my house (home for the weekend) ‘bareback’. it was fun. Then I remembered a photo I had uploaded to Facebook before the holidays where I was jumping with anselmo, so I said … why not renew that photo? I decided I could do with a greater height, since in that I have, I’m jumping do not know … 50 cm? jajaj so I built the fence and as I am vague and did not want to put the saddle on Anselmo decided to jump on the hair. first warmed up, I do not recorded because my brother got angry with me and deleted the clips I had. I started with my jumps of 50 cm. then I got to 70, then 80 … AND I WENT TO EAT:) when I returned from lunch, I climbed the fence to what I thought was 90. as Anselm had resting, I tried to do is jump and he was half hard because threw everything …. I decided a little more heat to soften it a little muscle and
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