Tiger vs Crocodile. Tiger kills Croc .(Tiger is the winner).

Video showing how the crocodile is nothing to the tiger. Come on people admit posters like PabloBatistaner make you laugh. Posting a fake picture and a video of nothing say crocodile wins. We all know the crocodile is nothing to the tiger in water or out of water. Tiger owns and kills crocodile everytime.

El Tigre- Dethroned

This is either a trailer or a long commercial.XD Either way, I hope the Tigre fans enjoy this.=) Legal blah: El Tigre belongs to Sandra Equihua & Jorge R. Gutierrez Music: «Silent Line 2»- Silent Line: Armored Core «Ashielf Pi»- ES Posthumus(Cartographer) «Dethroned»- X-Ray Dog Spread t3h loves by subscribing to my videos. I’d really appreciate it.^^ You can visit my deviantART account here: blackeraser.deviantart.com My website www.artsehub.com

Lucha por Frida is a Webgame for Nickelodeon´s Show : El Tigre can be played online at www.mundonick.com developed by Batoví www.batovi.com music and sound design by Espectral www.espectral.com.uy
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Anuncio de Linea Directa Aseguradora compañía de seguros de coche, seguros de moto, seguros de hogar y seguros de empresa, flotas.
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DIBUJOS ANIMADOS INFANTIL DIDACTICO con musica para jardin de infantes y pre escolar con nuevos personajes en ritmo actual, didactico, recreativo y divertido para chicos y grandes www.kidsconceptcorp.com
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